Divine Intelligent Versatile Artists, Inc. boasts over 100 members living in the United States and abroad.. Members' occupations include: Performance Artists, Lawyers, Costume Designers, Educators, Directors, Journalists, and Mothers.

The Ladies of D.I.V.A. Inc. continually strive for excellence in all areas of life while planting fertile seeds for their younger sisters considering a foray into the Arts. D.I.V.A. Inc. is committed to preserving the memory of all women of color who have paved the way through adversity, by keeping their legacies and contributions to the world of the Arts in the foreground.


On March 2, 1983 at Howard University in the College of Fine Arts, six women saw that there was a need for an organization for all female Fine Arts students. Thus, they decided to form the organization D.I.V.A. INC. - Divine Intelligent Versatile Artists, the Society for Women in the Arts. D..I.V.A.'s basic goals are to:

  • To bring unity to the women of the arts by promoting finer creativity within oneself, one's soul and one's craft.

  • To appreciate the value of fellow artists.

  • To promote self confidence and an outgoing attitude with respect to one's craft.

  • To promote finer womanhood in every aspect of the word.

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